This is my story as I stumble my way through family life

With one toddler and another new arrival on the way, this blog shares with you some of the things I see and think and also hopefully gives newer dads and dads to be some ideas based on what I did (or often, did not...) learn

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Where do you draw the line in getting toddlers to stand up for themselves?

Ollie came home from nursery today and said he had been pushed over.

Aside from the fact that he couldn't make his mind up whether it was a teacher(?!) or another kid, I know he shouldn't just accept it.
My dilemma is what he should do: it is all very well saying that he should tell a teacher and let them deal with it but that will only get him so far as he grows older. If he does he will be seen as a snitch, tell tale and much worse and is likely to attract more trouble if he tells every time something happens he doesn't like

BUT we can't encourage him (much as I would like to) to get him to push the other kid back again as otherwise he will become a bully

Ohh, the confusion of being a parent!!!!!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Am in trouble- baby still awake and it's my fault!

Got home tonight and took over responsibility for getting the boys into bed and dinner done so V could go swimming.

All went well to start with: milk done, stories read and lullabies (football songs) sung and Ollie's straight to sleep- tick

Josh however was not so straightforward. He decided he wasn't ready for bed and that some Daddy time was in order because he cried when in his cot and then emailed and laughed when out of it. I love the fact that he is just starting to express himself and the chuckles melt you so what could I do....

Unfortunately that meant that dinner went a bit by the wayside. Not too popular as late food and Josh out of routine. Never mind, playtime was worth it!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

No time for bedtime stories?...

I read in the paper this week that over half of parents do not have the time to read their kids a bedtime story any more.

I have got to say I find that sad if it is true, not just for the kids but for the mums and dads. I know people lead busier lives than ever before and I don't do a 9-5 job by any means but I will do my utmost to get home to read Ollie a bedtime story. I don't get to see much of him during the week as I am out of e house before he gets up but if I didn't get the twenty mins or so with him just before he goes to sleep, I feel like I would miss too much: now he is at nursery and really able to converse, this is a great time for him to tell me about his day and what he did.
We might all be busy but I want to spend that time with him and be there as he grows up as you can see a small difference every day.

My feeling is that you miss it and it is gone: that is time you will never get back.

Besides, how would I perfect my international range of accents if I didn't get to try them on all the characters in the stories each night : ollie's thinks I am a multi lingual genius!