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Thursday, 7 July 2011

State school 'education' in Bournemouth

So Ollie has just turned three and all of a sudden we are in panic mode over schools.

We were planning to send him to the school attached to the church we have been going to for the last two years but it turns out there is some register you have to sign which we never knew about; to get the letter of recommendation from the vicar we will need to attaned more church services than there are weeks in the next six months......
The vicar will only use how many times you have signed this book despite their rules being that parents need to be active members of the church; two active do you want mr vicar?

So we have had a look at what other schools we could apply for. None better than satisfactory at best accoring to Ofsted and mentions of social problems etc scare the life out of me- why would we want out little one to be exposed to that? We live in Bournemouth not Beirut so what is going on?

I cannot understand why we must pay our taxes yet schools are allowed to get away with providing what appears to be sub standard education (or at least failing to create conditions for learning).

Looking at our local secondary school it seems to get even worse; judging by the kids walking to school, the uniform is trainers, hoody and a fag. Where are the standards and discipline?

Someone please tell me why I continue to pay taxes when I know that I am going to have to look at independant, private education. I am sure all those people living off my taxes and dragging down the standards of those around them will continue to enjoy this while we cut our standard of living even more in order to fund my child's education which I thought was what my taxes were for in the first place.. Grrrr